Contributing to cpprb

Any contribution are very welcome!

1 Making Community Larger

Bigger commumity makes development more active and improve cpprb.

2 Q & A at Forum

When you have any problems or requests, you can check Discussions on If you still cannot find any information, you can post your own.

We keep issues on and users are still allowed to open issues, however, we mainly use the place as development issue tracker.

3 Merge Request (Pull Request)

cpprb follows local rules:

  • Branch Name
    • “HotFix***” for bug fix
    • “Feature***” for new feature implementation
  • docstring
  • Unit Test
    • Put test code under “test/” directory
    • Can test by python -m unittest <Your Test Code> command
    • Continuous Integration on GitLab CI configured by .gitlab-ci.yaml
  • Open an issue and associate it to Merge Request

Step by step instruction for beginners is described at here.